We're offering a full range of services for almost any medicine-industry related company.

Supply Brand and Generic Medicines

Elis Pharmaceutical Wholesaler with an experienced team and using its efficient network all over the world, can supply Brand and Generic Medicines from both international and Turkish manufacturers for all type of businesses including shortage list, emergency list, tenders, single prescriptions and rare medicines.

  • Export
  • Parallel Trade
  • Tenders
  • Shortage Lists

Quality Service

We are providing a quality service to our global customers which is unique due to below features:

  • Supplying a wide range of medicines
  • Our experienced logistics team
  • As a wholesaler we have flexibility to offer a diversity of solutions to your problems professional advice on product selection


Elis Pharmaceutical Wholesaler can assist in the registration process of any products that we can supply, with two-party or three-party agreements. With all the necessary documents provided, importing to different countries is a task that we can do with ease.

  • Product Registration
  • Third Party Registration
  • Three company agreements

Elis Pharmaceutical Wholesaler is a registered warehouse located in Ankara, Turkey with more than 10 years experience in sourcing and supplying a vast range of medicines.

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